The “11th New Fortune Best Analysts Award” of 2013 was revealed on November 22nd and two alumni of SAIF were among the winners. MF 2009 Alumni Huang Chunfeng and his group partners from Guotai Junan Security won the 1st place in the banking industry, and his classmate Zhou Yu achieved 3rd in the industry of wholesale and retails trades with his CITIC Securities group. SAIF warmly congratulates the two MF alumni on their achievement and is sincerely proud of them!


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Thanksgiving Dinner

On November 9, Open day for SAIF MF National Exam was held successfully. This event attracted many students and parents who are very interested in MF program. In the event, the director of MF Professor Charles Chang introduced the trend of finance industry in China and the prospect of choosing finance as career.



Mr. Benjamin Rudick was back at SAIF on November 23rd and gave an investment workshop for MF 2013 students. The aim of the workshop was to help students get the basic idea of real investment procedure in the context of social investing. He encouraged students to gain more experience in real-world venture capitals.


The coffee hour for November 28th invited Professor Wang Tan and Professor Chang Yancheng. Despite the cold weather of early winter, the two professors were warmly welcomed by SAIF students. Coffee hour provides a precious opportunity for direct communication between students and faculty.

11月28日的Coffee Hour活动邀请到了王坦教授和张晏诚教授。尽管已是初冬时节,同学们参与活动的热情不减,与两位教授进行了深入的交流。作为每月学生活动的保留节目,Coffee Hour活动为SAIF的学生与教授提供了一个直接交流的宝贵机会。

On the 30th November, the MF13 and the MF12 students gathered together, having dinner to celebrate the Thanksgiving Day.





Professional Training: MatLab Application

On Nov26th, a Matlab application training was arranged to MF students. This session aimed to improve the students' business skills of financial application by using MATLAB, how to better work on data and visualizing it in MATLAB, and how to work with vector and matrix in the Matlab. This training provided students with a great opportunity to get a closer understanding of the application of Matlab.

Student Star

Florian Gaudet, class of 2013, is in Shanghai for Master of Finance degree with Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance. Here is his first billet about his experience in this grooving city as an international student.

"From the beginning of the 21st century, all eyes are turned towards Asia and its emerging countries. Among them stands China, the world’s second-largest economy,?intriguing by its culture, its people,?its economic growth… But at the same time, this country is facing serious issues on many levels: politics, pollution, human rights… Willing to make my own opinion about it and to be at the heart of this phenomenon, I decided to spend two years in Shanghai, for better or for worse…"


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